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How to edit videos using Wondershare Video Editor?

Get some tips on how to edit videos using Wondershare Video Editor on Windows here before you start.

1. How to import and add media files

Wondershare Video Editor organizes all your media files in your User's Album manager. First you need to import all videos, photos and audio to the album for later use. Now run Wondershare Video Editor, choose 16:9 or 4:3 ratio, and you will get the main interface like below. Click "Import" to select videos, audio and photos from your computer, or click "Record" to capture videos with a connected capturing device (e.g. webcam). You can also batch drag and drop files to your album.

To help you quickly find what you want in the album, sort the files by name, duration or type. You could also preview the files simply by double clicking. When previewing, click full screen button to play in full screen, and click "camera" button to take snapshots to the specified folder.

video editor user guide - edit video

To edit media files or make a new video, drag media files from your Album to the Timeline at bottom. (When a yellow box appears, release the button.) It's a good idea to save your project for backup purpose. To do so, click the button in the top left corner and choose "Save". Also select Settings to specify options for the program, such as default snapshots folder, update frequency and messages.

Note that you could select multiple files in the User's Album and add to Timeline together. In such case, photo and video will be on the Video track, while Music files on the Audio track.

Important: Don't drag and drop a file to the existing media on Timeline unless you want to split it. To help you better add many files at once, drag the slide bar to adjust the view size of Timeline.

2. How to edit videos, photos and audio

In Timeline, you can cut, copy, paste and delete any clip any time you want, and click Undo (or Ctrl + Z) to cancel. As you could see, all the editing can be previewed in real-time so you can make sure everything you do highlights your videos.

Select media on Timeline and click Edit button, or double click on any media to open editing panels. Once you enter the editing mode, instantly change to another media to continue editing without open the panel again- this will save you a lot of time.

Editing Videos/Audio

When you double click any video on Timeline, you get the panel that contains Video and Audio bar, each of which allows you to edit the video track and audio track in a video. Note that audio file will have only Audio bar instead.

video editor - edit video

Common tools: Common Video tools include Crop, Rotate (Flip), Adjust and Speed (Fast and Slow Motion), while Audio tools include Volume, Fade in/out, and Effect (Voice change). Simply use the slider to tune your video/audio up. You can immediately view the result on the preview windows. If you are not satisfied, use the Reset button to start from scratch.

Trim video/audio: Mouse over the left or right edge of a video or audio on Timeline, and when the "double arrow" indicator appears, drag to trim to any length as you want.

Split video/audio: Select a video/audio on Timeline, move the Time Indicator to any position you want and click the scissors button.

Editing photos

There are two categories of tools to edit a photo: Photo and Motion. The Photo category provides common photo editing tools like Crop, Rotate (Flip), and several adjustment tools. In the Motion category, you can turn any still photo to animated one with up to 36 Motion (Ken-Burn) effects. Double click on any motion to apply. To remove the added motion, right click the thumbnail on Timeline and select "Delete Motion" from the menu.

video editor - photo editing

Adding voiceovers

It's convenient to add voiceovers to your movie. On the toolbar above Timeline, click the Record button to bring up the Record Audio dialog. Hit the red Start button and you will have 3 seconds of countdown to start speaking. When finished, click the red Stop button. To start a new record on Timeline. No need to close the dialog, just move the Time Indicator to another position and hit the Start button again. 

3. How to add titles, effects and intro/credits

It's similar to add titles, effects and intro/credit to your movie. Just switch to Text, Effect or Intro/Credit tab, and then drag and drop an item to the Timeline. You could preview the new video right away. If necessary, double click the added item to make changes. On Timeline, you can easily move added items and adjust the duration by dragging.

Video editor - edit video

Editing titles

Type your text in the text field, and then select the font, color, animation, etc. Preset styles are also included. Click "Return" to go back to the main interface.

Editing effects

More than 50 visual effects instantly bring your videos to next level. The added effect will be applied to videos and photos. For some effects, you can double click on them to change the parameters.

Editing intro/credit

The Intro/Credit could be added to any position on Timeline, to create chapters, intro, credit and casts for your video. Actually, Intro/Credit is a combination of a photo and a title, you could double click on them to edit just like editing photos and titles.

4. How to add transition effects

If you want to add some transitions between your video or photo clips, you can hit "Transition" tab above Timeline, and drag your favorite transition effect between two clips. When you place your mouse cursor on a certain transition, you can have a preview of it or double click it to preview in larger size on the right window.

When adding transition effects, you can right click on any transition to apply to all or just apply transition to all with random transitions.

Tips: You can add selected transition to Favorite so that you can find it quickly later. By double click the transition on Timeline, you can manually set its duration and apply new duration to all or not.

video editor - transition

5. How to make a Picture-in-Picture video

Picture-in-Picture is an additional video clip or picture on the main scene. Wondershare Video Editor now makes it possible to create an appealing Picture-in-Picture video in clicks.

Simply drag imported video/photo or items in PIP tab to "PIP" track, and bingo! You get a Picture-in-Picture video. Next, you could double click on PIP items on Timeline to personalize your Picture-in-Picture video/photo with Motions, and even additional effects like shadow, border, alpha, and mask by clicking "Advanced" button.

Video editor - picture in picture video

6. How to create and share your video creation

After finished editing, click "Create" tab and you get four ways to output your videos: Device, Format, YouTube and DVD.

1. Device: You can choose from iPhone 4, iPad, iPod touch, PSP, Wii, Creative, etc. to get the optimized videos for your devices. Name your video and set a destination folder. Then click "Create" to save your videos to specified folder. Advanced settings like video and audio encoder, frame rate, bit rate, etc. are enabled (Click the little triangle button).

2. Format: You can output videos to all popular video formats such as AVI, WMV, MOV, FLV, MP4, MKV, MPEG, etc. Like Device, type in the name of your videos and choose the output path, then hit "Create" to start saving videos.

3. YouTube: This option allows you to share your work on YouTube directly. Fill in your YouTube account information and the video information like category, title, description, etc. and click "Create" to share your video creation with more people on YouTube. You can also share the video messages with friends on your Facebook and Twitter by checking the Facebook and Twitter options.

4. DVD: On the DVD tab, set the DVD parameters: DVD label, type, video quality, TV standard and aspect ratio, and then click "Create" button to burn movies to DVD if you have a DVD burner and have inserted a DVD disc. Check "Create image file" if you want to save movies to an ISO image file.

video editor - output video

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