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  • That's a totally cost effective final cut pro alternative for people like me, I could handle with magnificent videos with this video editor.
  • It helps me merge multiple videos to compose a new video on my iPhone. I like it. Good!
  • Its worth the money. I don’t have enough words to express how it has benefitted me. I can create videos, edit them in any video format I choose.

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How to Use Wondershare Video Editor for Mac?

Free download Wondershare Video Editor for Mac. After downloading, install and launch the program. And then go through below tips on how to edit video, audio and photos using Wondershare Video Editor for Mac before you start.

How to add files to the program

Go to File > Import Media or just drag and drop photos, videos and audios to the corresponding track. A media browser is provided for you to get files from your iTunes library, iMovie, etc. conveniently. You can even record videos using a video capture device or with the built-in iSight. Added videos can be previewed in full screen. And you are free to take snapshots of your favorite scenes.

Mac video editor add files

How to edit and enhance videos

1. Trim, crop, rotate videos and add voiceover

Highlight the video you want to edit and click the Trim, Crop, Rotate and Voiceover button to start editing the video or click the gear icon under the video and choose the function you want.

All video editing functions are done in the viewing window with real-time preview like below. Just choose the corresponding editing function.

Mac Video editor edit

Trim: Select the "Trimming" option or click "Mac Video editor trim" to open the trim window. Click "Mac Video editor add trim mark" to add a mark and then drag the two flags to choose the video part you want to get. If you want to get several video parts, just copy the clip, and repeat the above steps. To help you pick your wanted segment conveniently, this program also designs a icon that looks like a small clock. Click it to open the duration setting window, you can set the beginning and ending time manually.

Crop: Click Cropping or the "Mac Video editor crop" button in the toolbar and customize the size window to crop the videos. Choose "16:9" or "4:3" option or manually setting the aspect ratio.

Rotate: Click Rotation or the "Mac Video editor rotate" button in the toolbar to rotate the videos as you like. Rotating 90 degrees clockwise or anti-clockwise, flipping horizontally and vertically are all available.

Add voiceover: Hit the button "Mac Video editor voiceover" on the toolbar to add a voiceover to your video. Click "Mac Video editor record" to start or end recording. When you finish it, hit the "Done" button to save the recording.

Tips: In the right previewing window, you can switch between "All" and "Single" to complete video editing quickly as per your needs.

2. Enhance videos with titles, filters and adjust video effects

Many free filters and text effects are provided for you to bring your videos to the next level instantly. Double click to highlight the video you want to apply special effects and hit the gear icon on the video to choose the function you need. And then you will see the following window that has four tabs: "Effect", "Title", "Transition" and "Intro/Credit".

Mac Video editor enhance

Effect: Choose from 80 professional filter effects and double click the one you like to apply to your video. Like titles, you can also set the filter starting and ending time.

Title: 25 stylish text effects are offered. Double click the one you like and type in the words you want to add. You can also freely adjust the text position, font, size, color, etc. and set the text beginning and ending time.

Transition: There are over 50 transition effects for you to choose. Click the button "Transition", and then drag your favorite one to the track over the video or photo clips to apply. Double click the transition between the clips to have a preview and set the transition duration freely. As you can see, you can also apply one favorite transition effect to all the clips or let the software do it randomly for you.

Intro/Credit: Select from various Intro/Credit effects to make your video like a pro.

How to edit and enhance photos

1. Crop, rotate photos and set photo duration

The way to crop and rotate photos and videos are just the same as how to crop and rotate videos. Get real-time preview to ensure everything goes as you like. You can also select a photo and add voiceover to it.

Mac video editor crop photos

Crop: Click Cropping or the "Video editor for Mac guide" button in the toolbar to pop up the Crop window, drag to crop photos. "16:9", "4:3",  and manually set the cropping ration are all available.

Rotate: Click Rotation or the "Video editor for Mac guide" button in the toolbar to rotate photos for the best effect. Like rotating video, rotating your photo 90 degrees clockwise or anti-clockwise, flipping it horizontally and vertically are all available.

Set photo duration: Click the item between the selected photo and then manually set the photo duration as you like.

2. Enhance photos with titles, filters and motion effects

You can add some title, effects and motions to your photos to make them outstanding immediately. Double click a photo and choose "Effect" or "Title" to open the window below:

Mac Video editor add videos

You can switch among the tabs freely to enhance your photos in multiple ways. For adding text and filter effects, the ways are the same as adding titles to videos and applying filter effects to videos. Motion can be applied only to photos for better photo effect.

Effect: Choose from 34 professional filter effects and double click the one you like to apply to your photo.

Title: 25 stylish text effects are offered. Double click the one you like and type in the words you want to add. You can also freely adjust the text position, font, size, color, etc.

Motion: Double click the photo and select one of the motions you prefer and double click it to apply. If you want to remove the motion, click the Reset icon.

How to edit and enhance audio

Sometimes, you may like to add some background music to your photos and videos or insert some special sound effects. Drag the audio clip to make it fit for your videos and photos. For audios, there are two editing functions: trimming and audio adjustment. Click the gear icon below an audio clip and choose the editing function you like. Alternatively, you can highlight the audio track and click the trim button or edit button on the tool bar.

Trim: Drag the two flags to choose the audio clip you want. You can preview it to get the precise segment. If you are not satisfied, just click "Reset" and do it again.

Audio effect: Double click to freely adjust the audio volume and set audio fade in/out effect by dragging the slider bar.

How to add more effects to photo and video clips

Video Editor provides more effects which makes video editing funny than ever. Now it comes with Face-Off effect, Tilt-Shift effect and Mosaic Blur effect. To add these three effects to a video clip, select the video and click Power Tool button in the middle tool bar.

Tilt-Shift: This is a cool effect which highlights the selected area and blur the rest. To apply it, tick the option first, and then move, resize and rotate the axis on the left window.

Mosaic Blur: This effect lets you blur any area of your video. Go to Mosaic tab and tick the option, then set the area you want to blur. If you want to blur more areas, just click Add. You can also change the Percent option to adjust the mosaic style.

Face-Off: This effect will automatically add a funny face to the detected faces in the video clip. To do so, go to the Face Off tab, choose the option and select a face you like. Then preview the final result by clicking the Play button.

How to share the edited videos

Click Export on the primary window to reveal the output window. Here, you can choose four ways to save your creation: "Creating Video", "Exporting to Device", "Uploading to YouTube" and "Burning DVD". Select the way you want to share your videos and click Create.

1. Click Formats to choose your target format, rename the file, and specify the output location on your Mac.

2. Click Devices to make the video optimized for your portable devices, including iPhone 5s/5/4s, iPad, iPod, PSP, Zune, etc.

3. Click YouTube to fill in the necessary information and share your excellent video with others on YouTube instantly. You can also send the video sharing message to your Facebook and Twitter account simultaneously.

4. Click DVD to choose from DVD disc, DVDMedia, ISO and DVD Folder to output your videos, and then select the burning speed, destination folder, DVD title, video mode, video quality, etc. and save your videos.

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