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User Testimonials

  • This is the simplest program I've ever used, great navigation and there were no bugs at all.
  • I have migrated from Windows to Mac and I was searching for a program like Windows Movie Maker. This one works great
  • Its worth the money. I don’t have enough words to express how it has benefitted me. I can create videos, edit them in any video format I choose.

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How to Edit Video Clips on Mac with iSkysoft Video Editor for Mac?

Make A Stunning Movie with Video, Photos and Music

Want to weave video/photo/music into a favorite movie that every loves to watch? iSkysoft Video Editor allows you to edit and make movies from virtually any video/photo/audio files including High-Definition video and standard videos.

Import Media File

When iSkysoft Video Editor starts, you need to start a new project or open an existing project. In the primary window, drag the media files from the resource browser window to the storyboard at bottom. The resource browser even enables you to search the file you want. You can also go to "File > Add Files" to import files you want in the open dialog. To arrange clips, just drag the clip you want to move, when the green bar appears at the right place, release your mouse.

video importing

Add Transition and/or Intro/Credit Screens

All the imported video clips will join together one by one without transition by default. To make it switch more smoothly, you can easily drag and drop a transition from the above Transition tab to the area between two clips. As you can see, you're able to apply random transitions to all clips using the Random button in Transition tab. You can also apply one transition to all clips by right clicking a transition and select Apply to All.

add transition

Next to the Transition tab is the Intro/Credit tab, in which there are 10+ intro/credit screens you can add to divide your movies into chapters. If you want, drag and drop an intro/credit to your storyboard.

For photo, you're also able to add motion to make it pan or zoom in/out. You can double click any photo and switch to Motion tab. Once you click on a motion, it will be automatically added. To remove it, click the small Delete button under the blue progress bar.

For background music, trimming and audio adjustment tools are offered. Click the audio clip in the Music track of storyboard and then click Trim tool in the middle tool bar to start trimming right in the preview window. Set the beginning and ending time by dragging the T buttons and click Done. Click Reset to start from scratch.

Preview and Share

Next you can proceed to edit and enhance your video or just preview and export it if you're satisfied. Click the Preview button to take a look at the final result. To save your video, click the Export button at the right, and do one of the following:

share video

  • 1. Click Formats to save your video to an selected format in the specified name and location on your Mac.
  • 2. Click Devices to create a video that is compatible with the selected devices. Most mobile devices are supported, including iPhone 5, iPad, iPod, PSP, Zune, etc. No manual settings required.
  • 3. Click YouTube to directly upload your video online after filling in the necessary information.
  • 4. Click DVD to burn your video onto a blank DVD disc or a re-writable DVD disc so you can play it on any home DVD player. It makes it effortless to enjoy your movies with your family and friends. You can also create DVDMedia, ISO File and DVD Folder to save your video that is ready to be burned with a third-party DVD burning software.

Take Your Movies Even Further

iSkysoft Video Editor is an all-in-one video editing software that provides a list of classic video editing tools like trim, crop, rotate, record, motion, but also allows you to adjust video parameters and apply professional filter effects. All in all, it helps you make a perfect video.

Regular Video Editing

Now see how to use the regular video editing tools. All of them locates under the preview window, but you can also access them through Edit menu on top or by clicking the smart Gear button. By the way, you're also able to edit photo/music using the same editing tool, if it's available.

Trim: Select a video you want to edit and click the "Trim" button to open the trim window. The video will start playing automatically. When it goes to the right position, click Add Mark button and two marks will appear. Move them to set the positions. Repeat this process to make more segments. At last, click Done to trim video into selected segment(s).

Crop: Select a video and click the "Crop" button to customize the size window to crop the video. Choose "16:9", "4:3" or Manually to set the cropping ratio.

Rotate: Click the Rotation button to rotate or flip the selected video.

Voice Over: click the Voice Over button to add a voiceover to your video. Click the red record button to start recording and finish recording. When you finish, click the "Done" button.

video editing guide

Professional Video Editing

Here you will learn how to adjust video parameters like Speed, Pitch, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Hue, Fade In/Fade Out and Volume, add titles, and apply special effects like Particle, Fire, Tilt-Shift, Mosaic Blur, Face-Off, and other 80 effects.

There are 3 ways to open the editing window: 1 - Double click the video and go to the specific tabs; 2 - Go to the top Edit menu and choose the tool; 3 - Click the Gear button on every clip on storyboard and choose an item in the drop-down menu.

video editing tools

Video: Move the slide to change video speed, video brightness, video contrast, video saturation, and video hue.

Audio: Change the voice by moving the Pitch slider. Similarly adjust the volume of the video and set fade in/ fade out effect.

Title: Several animated title templates are provided. Click anyone you like to add it. Then click Text Here to change your texts. You can adjust the text position, font, size, color, etc. and set the duration by dragging the T buttons or clicking the Time icon to set duration by input the precise time. To remove it, press Delete key or click the Remove button in the duration editing dialog.

Effect: Choose from 50+ professional effects and click anyone you like to overlay on your video immediately. Drag the 'F' buttons to adjust the starting and ending time. To remove it, simply press Delete key on your keyboard, or click the Time icon under the progress bar and click the Remove button.

powerful video editing tools

iSkysoft Video Editor makes video editing funny than ever. Now it comes with Face-Off effect, Tilt-Shift effect and Mosaic Blur effect. Along with the above described Speed and Pitch changing tools, you can get more fun out of your video. To add these 3 effects to a video clip, select the video and click Power Tool button in the middle tool bar.

Tilt-Shift: It helps you highlight the select area but blur the rest area. To add it, check the option first, and then move, resize and rotate the axis on the left window.

Mosaic Blur: This is a useful effect if you don't want to audience to see something. First go to Mosaic tab and check the option, then set the area you want to blur. If necessary, add more area by clicking Add, or change the Percent option to have different mosaic style.

Face-Off: This effect will automatically add a face to the detect faces in the video clip. To do so, go to Face Off tab, check the option and choose a face you want. Then you can preview the final result by clicking the Play button. There's also a mosaic face so you can add an automatic mosaic effect to all detected faces in a video clip.

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