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How to edit video with Video Editor for Mac?

Video Editor for Mac (including the Basic version and Pro version)is a brand new and full-functional video editing program that enables you to edit various multimedia data, like video, audio and images. The Video Editor Basic provide some simple editing functions such as clipping, cropping, adjusting video effect like brightness, saturation, contrast, join video files etc. The Pro version offers some advance features such as adding image, text, video, audio, transition effects,specially rendering effects, etc to make videos more professional. Besides, the basic version can bulk convert videos and output files separately while the Pro version can only output one file.

Get started:
Run the Mac Video Editor, you will see the main page of the program, there are two options, hit the one you need to enter begin you editing task according to your need. No matter which one you enter, you can back to the main page again by clicking the product name on the top left corner of your Mac, then hit "Back to Main page".

video editor mac main interface

Part 1. How to edit videos with Video Editor Basic

1. Load videos to the program

When running the program, hit "Add File" button in the top left corner to add video files to the app. This program allows to edit all videos together, so you can add many files at one time.

load files to video editor

2. Edit videos

All files added to the program will be listed on the right panel of the program, click the one you want to edit, then prevew window is open, and you can edit it now.

1. Crop
Cropping is to cut some unwanted part in the video such as advertisement, subtitle etc. To do this edition, you can either adjust the frame or input values in the boxes below.
2. Adjust video effect
Move the slider to change the video effects
Next to this box there are options for special effects, here three options are available, you can add Old film, Emboss, and Gray effects to your videos.

crop effect

3. Clip, Flip, rotate, capture images etc.
Below the preview windows are some functions button, from left to right the buttons are to "Play, stop, pause, capture image, open the folded where saved the image, fix start time, fix end time, preview, flip horizon, flip vertically and rotate"

clip and flip

The middle box here is for clipping videos, you can
By capturing image, you can capture the image you like in the video and save as JPEG format;
Flipping and rotating are to make the video properly played on your phone, tablet, computer or TV.

3. Save videos

Before saving videos, you can zoom videos and merge all files together if you need. More importantly, you need to set output format and path.

Profile: hit the drop-down list to select the output format; if you want to convert all files to one format ,say MP4, you can click "Merge into one file", then cancel, all output format will be changed to the one you selected before.
Destination: to set output path to save the converted video.
After finished the settings, hit "Save" to start conversion.

Part 2. How to Edit Videos with Video Editor Pro

Highlight features:

Add audio and video to videos;
Add special effects and scene transitions

About timeline

Timeline it the new feature in the Video Editor for Mac. It enables users to edit videos more accurate by finish all editing task in it.

In this article you will see the contents below:
1. How to load video files;
2. How to adjust video effect, clip video, crop videos;
3. How to add effect and transitions to video;
4. How to add image audio and text to video
5. How to add video to video to get picture-in-picture effect
6. How to export video

1. Load video files

After launch the Video Editor Mac Pro, click the "Add Files" icon to load video files or directly drag the files to the program Before editing videos, you need to drag and drop the video file to the timeline below, which can help you edit the video more accurately.

load video files

2. Edit video files

1. Basic editing
After dragging and dropping the files to the timeline, hit it, then you can change the contrast, saturation, brightness, and audio parameters.

basic editing

2. Clip videos and audios
Video Editor Mac enables you to clip long videos and audios to short pieces, please note that, the default setting is to join all pieces of files together, so, if you want to keep one, you should delete other ones.
To clip videos or audios, just hit the "Scissors" icon when playing video or audio, then the files in the timeline will show separately, clipping is done, and next, you need to delete the files you do not want.

clip video

3. Crop,flip and rotate video
Hit the crop icon, you can easily crop videos to delete unwanted part in the video, and flip or rotate video to facilitate enjoying video.

crop video

4. Add effect and transitions to video

Add effect
The Mac Video Editor has preset many special effects for adding to video. Just hit the "Add effects" icon to select the one you want then hit the "Add" button, the preview effect will change soon.
Add Transition
Transitions are used to join two files together so as to play seamlessly. Here, just drag selected transitions to the joint between the two videos (it is easier to do when switch to "Storyboard View"), it is done and the two file will be played as a whole one with the transition inserted.

add transition

5. Add image, audio and text to video
Add image and audio
You need to load images to the program before you can add them to the program. Then drag and drop the images to the "Overlay" column, you can change the displaying time by change their places and length. Adding audio can be done in the similar way.

add imgage to video

Add text to video
Hit the "Text" button, you can see the default Text models in the window, drag them to the the timeline to fix the displaying time. Then click the "General" to input texts.

add text to video

6. Add video to video to get picture-in-picture effect
The Video Editor for Mac enables users to add video to video to play the two files simultaneously in the same window.
Just drag and drop a video to the overlay area in the timeline, you will see the video playing over the first video. You can move the video in the overlay area to change the displaying time on the original video. In the edit mode, you can freely change the playing area of Video A in the Video B (as shown in the image below ).

picture in picture

3. Output video

Hit "Export" to output video. Here you need to set output format and path to save video. Further customizing video feature is available. At last, click "Next" to output video. Various formats, devices, and apps are supported to output to.
Formats: it can output video as all popular formats such as AVI, WMV, MOV, FLV, MP4, MKV, MPEG, etc;
Devices: You can easily choose iPad Mini, iPhone 5, Kindle Fire, Samsung Galaxy Tab, PSP, etc optimized video for your devices.
Applications: With this Video editor for Mac, you can easily output videos to professional editing application such as Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Avid, Adobe Premiere Pro, etc

set output format

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