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  • Thanking you for the giveaway. I am liking that it will do so many things from the single software.
  • I would really like to have a license for this software!
  • Aimersoft's software is stable and works great. It also have faster conversion speed.

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How to Edit Video and Add Effects with Aimersoft Video Editor?

Aimersoft Video Editor lets you edit and produce stylish, unique videos with a clicks. If you've ever havd trouble creating home videos you can be happy with, please follow the below steps to take things to the next level:

Step 1. Import Media Files

First, add the video and any audio files you want to use in your production. Once imported, all added files will appear listed in the media as 'ready to edit'.

Import Media Files

Step 2. Edit Videos

Drag the target files into the timeline to split, merge, copy, paste or add music.

a. Split Video

Select a clip in the time line, drag the indicator where you want to split and click the "Split" button. Then the clip will be split into two.

Split Video

b. Merge Video

Drag video clips (even different video formats) into the timeline and they'll be merged as one large video automatically. Click "Remove All Gaps" to seamlessly remove the spaces between each video.

Merge Video

c. Copy, Paste and Delete Video

Right-click the selected video and choose copy and paste it to where the timeline indicator located. If you want to delete files that had been added into the timeline, please select the target file clip and then click the "Delete" button.

Copy, Paste and Delete Video

Note: If you drag and drop a video clip to cover another one in the timeline during the editing, that means you just had the converted part trimmed.

Step 3. Apply Special Effects

If you would like to be more creative, just click the "Edit" button to apply more special effects like cropping, rotating, and movie effects applying.

Apply Special Effects

Step 4. Add Scene Transitions

More than 40 set of stunning in-built transition templates for you to meet all the scene transition requirements during the video editing. You can add the scene transitions before, after or between the video segments simply by selecting and drag a particular transitions to the proper location in the timeline.

Add Scenes Transitions

Step 6. Save and Share

Aimersoft Video Editor is not only a splendid video editor, but also a video converter, with which you can select any formats from export format list to save your newly edited video to local computer just for keeping or further processing.

Video formats

Or you can also transfer your creations into your portable devices like iPhone, iPad, PSP, iPod, etc. for more convenient enjoying. Just choose the thumbnail of your device before exporting; the edited video will be transferred into your device with compatible format automatically.

Output devices

Note: if you want to burn edited videos to DVD, DVD Creator can help you.

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