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  • I am sure it is a popular tool, I can see there are lot of functions, customer can do any editing as they like.
  • Too easy. Great product, well done!!
  • Hi HotSoftReviews -- Love your product! You guys are amazing! That's incredible support.

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Mpg Editor for Mac is a Mac OS X based MPG video editor. It provides all the codecs needed to open various compressed video that inside the mpg file formats. If you are planning to burn the mpg video to DVD or simply play mpg with your DVD player, Video Editor for Mac is the right choice for you. it enables you to convert video to mpg and do the movie editing stuff for you as well. It just helps to clear all the trouble and prepare the mpg video for editing later on.

please take a look at the step by step blow, you have have your own fancy mpg movie in no time.

step 1. Make sure you got the latest version of the Mpg Editor for Mac, otherwise click here to download.
you are encouraged to test the performance and function of the app by loading a video file to run.




Step 2. Import a video file to start editing
please don't worry that the source video is not a mpg, the video editor for Mac totally take care of anything form conversion to editing the preview screen is an important part in the process of editing, just check the preview screen at times to see the change made by each editing step.




Step 3. Go to Crop...area to crop the movie
there are times you just want some part in the movie dissappeared like the subtiles and black sides. Crop.. is ready there to do that




Step 4. Trim movie.
Get to Trim...section to select the segment of video that need to be editing or converting.Just drag the slider bar to easily finish the operation.




Step 5. Capture images from the frame and tune the effect parameters for high quality video output.
you like a touching scene in the movie? just capture it out of the frame by pressing capture button. the image will then automatically stored in the preassigned folder. the image will be shown as jpg,bmp.png as you like. tune the different effect numbers as the screen shows below.




Step 6. you are now arriving at the final step to finish the editing and converting process
check the properties to make sure every numbers is fine, then press start congras, you get your own mpg video know.



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