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  • I am sure it is a popular tool, I can see there are lot of functions, customer can do any editing as they like.
  • Too easy. Great product, well done!!
  • Hi HotSoftReviews -- Love your product! You guys are amazing! That's incredible support.

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How to edit, crop, cut, trim, split, adjust mkv files on Mac OS?

MKV editor for mac contains all the codecs that needed to help you edit and play mkv video, the edited mkv video will be able to easily playback on any of your video player software and even can extract audio from it. mkv editor for mac will definitely brings more features to your video.

Step 1. Dowload and run Video Editor for Mac

 take your time to explore the cute interface and various functions. you will find out beauty sometime could be just such a simple thing.




2. Input the mkv video to edit
if you want to convert .mkv video to a common format, no problem, go to assign an output format for it. after this you are going to start editing the video in the next step.




3. Trim the movie
i guess you just don't need all the video converting? fine, use leave out some frames, you can set the time number in the box to get an accurate trimming.




4. Cut out unnecessary part in the frame.
use crop out the unwanted area like black sides that appears on the top/bottom of the frames.




5. Tune the rendering effect and special effect.
you like old film? Great, just tick old film in the little box under special effect. you can also see the movie in a horizontal or vertical way. tune the brightness, saturation, contrast to get more effect out the video.




 6. Execute the editing order
the video conversion process will run at the same.



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